Amsterdam born and raised, Anouk Brands and her team have the privilege to work on projects worldwide. 
Anouk built a design portfolio since starting as a freelance interior stylist in 1999.
Beside brand concepts she focuses on residential projects and retail spaces.
Elegant rock, Free living and Raw sophisticated, call it her signature style.
A mix of vintage, modern and chic.
Anouk blends imperfection and perfection.
 Renovation, design, decoration, personal home shopping, custom design and total design for businesses & residential projects.
 Her designs are unique,  like the trade mark easy style eco paint from Bauwerk, which is also available in her studio.

Gedempte Oude Gracht 144 - 2011 GX Haarlem  
+31(0)6-51963307 - 

Ruth Walleyn, co founder of Couleur Locale Concept Store, September 2014
Last year I started a concept store, accidentally I bumped into a workshop 'identity starts from the heart' given by Anouk. This workshop has given me a huge business and inspiration boost, Anouk is part of our brand building process ever since. She brings out the best in me.

Emily Gray, founder of Gray Label, September 2014
I found Anouk on Pinterest, her moodboards attracted me like a magnet, so inspiring! So I mailed her to consult me for my most important photoshoot of the year. She did an amazing job. She did not only take work out of my hands, she brought it to the next level. 

Patrick Drayer, co-owner at YAYA Fashion, March 2014
I knew it was of great importance to define our brand DNA. When we got in contact with AnoukB, we defined our brand DNA and created an internal target person. This became the set of guidelines for our collections, marketing and shop concept. Anouk has been of great importance, a trigger and a good sparring partner. 

Marjon Hoogervorst, photographer, December, 2012
In the beautiful online magazine HOME AND DELICIOUS, issue 3, you see the very nice interview with AnoukB, illustrated with pictures we took in restaurant Rainarai in Amsterdam.